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Our services include CCTV security camera installations, DVR set up, termination, plenum wire runs, wall plate installation, surveillance equipment set up, security camera replacement, installation of IP security cameras, port forwarding and remote access over internet set up.

Installation of a security camera system in homes and businesses in Agoura is what we love doing, and we have worked in this trade for over 20 years. Having surveillance equipment to register video of the areas in your home or business that you need to protect is a wise decision and a very affordable to protect yourself and your family and the assets that you've worked very hard for. We specialize in running the video wiring and installing and aiming security cameras in Agoura and other cities. Replacing defective surveillance or upgrading security cameras is also a common request we get from homeowners and businesses. The initial cost to install a basic security camera system justifies itself many times over. Once you own and use a CCTV security camera system you'll wonder how come you did not have it installed years ago. The peace of mind that comes with owning a security camera system and being able to record all activities in the areas that matter to you is what drives most homeowners and businesses to make the initial investment. Given the rising crime rate in Agoura and surrounding cities, it just makes sense to protect yourself and prevent possible break-ins and robberies in your business.
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CCTV security cameras installation and DVR setup, moving technician and contractor services

Experienced security cameras installer for home and commercial, retail and office spaces installer technician, we service, move, set up and install new security video camera equipment from all major brands. We service the City of Agoura, California since 1998.

  • Integrate CCTV cameras to DVR recorder
  • Set up video camera feed for remote viewing
  • Adjust recording times and schedules for DVR
  • Setup router port forwarding
  • Create DNS account for remote monitoring
  • Run wiring and terminate cables suitable for hook-up
  • Run wiring within walls and/or attic space
  • Aim cameras and adjust focus/zoom when required and available

Installing and setting up a security camera and DVR for remote access over the internet:

  • Open a web browser
  • Access your router setup menu by entering the home address
  • Select the port forwarding option
  • Enter the port values to be forwarded
  • Open a new tab and go to a site such as canyouseeme.org and enter the port(s) one at a time to verify the ports have been opened.

DVR and security camera what features should I look for?

An important feature to consider when purchasing a CCTV for security monitoring and a DVR for evidence gathering system is the capacity of the system as follows:

  • At least 1 Gigabyte of storage capacity which will provide you with roughly 15 to 30 days of recording depending on the number of cameras and recording rate.
  • A good camera resolution of at least 600 TVL (Television lines) the higher the number the clearer the images delivered by the camera sensor. A high definition camera will require a large amount of storage space, but a lore detailed image.
  • A day/night capable video camera, which means the camera will have infrared LED illuminators for night viewing. It's worth noting that cameras switch to b/w mode during the night, also, the higher the resolution (TVL) the clearer the image during night recording, and the larger the sensor the more sensitivity to dark conditions.
  • DVR units vary in features and an important one is the total number of FPS (frames per second) they can record, as it determines the number frames each camera can record, the higher the FPS value, the better the DVR processing. Another consideration is the bandwidth specification of a DVR box.

CCTV security camera wiring and installation guidelines for installer Services in Agoura, California

A few suggestions when installing or wiring a security camera in a residential or commercial setting follows

  • Mount video cameras in a location clear of tree branches and out of reach of would-be intruders
  • Aim cameras in a way that one camera will look into the other somehow to "protect" the other camera should someone try to tamper or try to remove the other camera
  • Make sure at night the cameras will not be exposed to light shining into the lens, unless the camera is designed for the purpose
  • When aiming cameras into constantly moving objects (as in outdoors) set the recording area to minimize the always changing movement of branches of else the DVR will constantly record motion which is not considered valuable evidence.
  • Whenever possible, add extra lighting means to aid in the illumination of night scenes
  • Install cameras with protective enclosures in high crime areas or those spots where a camera may be susceptible to tampering.
  • Run cables far away from accessible areas and if possible right into the protected building area.

Recent CCTV camera and DVR installation, cabling and setup service requests in Agoura, CA

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Set up my new 8 camera DVR in commercial a facility.

Will M.
Agoura, CA 91301

DVR camera installation

Install cameras. Route wires concealed within attic. Terminate wiring.

John P.
Agoura, CA 91301

In wall camera wiring

Install siamese video camera wiring within walls and mount cameras outdoors.

Angie M.
Agoura, CA 91301

Swann camera installation

Install new 8 camera swann camera system and set up DVR recorder in small retail shop

Cliff W.
Agoura, California 91301

Q-See DVR camera install

Mount 8 outdoor cameras and install DVE in office room, set up for remote viewing.

Helen P.
Agoura, CA 91301

DVR port forwarding

Set up port forwarding on my netgear router for DVR remote viewing over the internet.

Albert Y.
Agoura, CA 91301

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