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By the end of the '90s and into the new millennium (did we mention the 2K computer re-programming thing), we were actively involved in new construction home pre-wiring for burglary alarms, surround sound systems, satellite reception antennas, POTS, structured wiring and such. Another exciting event was the fast adoption of small (fixed) dish and satellite reception equipment installation in MDU's, commercial and residential markets, which kept us really busy, followed by the approaching invasion of flat panel TVs (they were not so flat when compared to today's sets, but definitely flat if compared to the CRT or rear projection TVs which were back then still in high demand). We installed those flat panel TVs by the dozens, as the prices of even the less expensive one was set into the many thousands of dollars (We could easily buy two trucks with the price of one of those TVs) and the installation definitely required two men for handling and delivery, not just because of the weight, but because of the price. Back then we were authorized installers for most major big box retailers, some of which are now part of history

Now in full stride, we are installers and electronics systems integrators fully committed to our career path, something that we just love doing. Like they said, choose the right job and you will never have to work. We simply love and enjoy catering to your home entertaining needs.

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